Welcome to the Golf in Scotland Series Events.

2022 is our 10th year of the Golf in Scotland Series Events, 10 years of awesome golf courses, average golf and awesome prizes!

In 10 years, we have visited some amazing venues and held our finals at the greatest golf courses Scotland has to offer...

  • Kingsbarns 2013
  • Trump Aberdeen 2014
  • Castle Stuart 2015
  • Renaissance 2016
  • Castle Stuart 2017
  • Trump Turnberry 2018
  • Castle Stuart 2019
  • Trump Aberdeen 2020
  • Castle Stuart 2021

For 2022, we will be giving you the opportunity to choose from 3 different final venues - Castle Stuart Golf Links, Trump Aberdeen and Cruden Bay Links.

We have also moved our finals a little earlier in the season, with Castle Stuart being played on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September and our Aberdeen weekend taking place over the 30th September, 1st and 2nd of October.

As always, at our final venues all players will recieve full catering, at Castle Stuart this includes bacon roll and coffee, soup at the turn and a 1 course meal after the golf.

At Trump and Cruden Bay, this includes bacon roll and coffee and a 1 course meal after the golf.

Every player on our tour must play 4 courses and 1 of our final events.

From the courses detailed on the right hand side of this page, each player must pick 4 events and 1 finals day. Each player is only allowed to pick 1 Purple event as part of their selections.

Once we have all of our players in place, if there are still spaces at Purple events, we will open these up so players can play more red events either as counting events or just as bounce games.

This is a stableford competition with your scores from each of your 4 regional events and your final round score at your final round being added together to finalise your tournament score.

Based on the entry, we will divide the field in to sections based on handicap and the top players from each section will win an expenses paid trip to somewhere nice - we have been taking over Turkey the past couple of years with the winners from our Series Events, Seniors Events and Matchplay Events all joining together to make an awesome week in the sunshine.

The venue for our 2022 winners will be announced soon :)

As well as dividing our field in to sections based on handicaps, we also have our cocoon section for seniors, aged 55 + - this ensures everyone is competing against players of a similar ability or age.

As always, we will have prizes on every par 3 and a longest drive competition at every event - we will also be running Last Man Standing and will have some extra prizes on the go througout the season as it is our 10th anniversary tour :)

The cost for 2022 will be as follows...

For all players choosing Castle Stuart or Cruden Bay as their final venue, the total cost of 4 regional events and 1 finals day will be £295

For all players choosing Trump Aberdeen as their final venue, the total cost of 4 regional events and 1 finals day will be £305

Payment options are below...

  • £55 at registration
  • £100 in March For Castle Stuart/Cruden Bay - £110 for Trump Aberdeen
  • £35 at your first 4 events.

This payment structure will mean that every player will be fully paid up before finals weekend and will have no money to pay at their final venue.

All players are welcome to play in as many events as they wish. Extra events will not count towards your tournament score, however they will still count towards your handicap.

Spaces for extra rounds will be advertised in the run up to each event, generally these will be available at a reduced green fee.


As always, we will do our best to accommodate players requirements with regards to tee times.

With every venue booked from 07:00 - 15:00, we will hopefully be able to cater for everyone.

In the situation where we have a lot of requests for the same tee times, we will have to work it as fairly as possible with regards to early and late times, so that each player has the option of 2 early and 2 late tee times out of their 4 events.

Players playing in scoring events will have priority of tee times over players playing extra events.

If you are travelling with a friend or group of friends, we will keep you in similar time slots for travelling purposes.

Look forward to seeing you all in 2022.